Mobile Homestead Solar services

560 Watts on the roof!

Howdy Campers! Aileen, Laura and I “LOVE” this life of fulltiming, meeting all of the wonderful people, and seeing the sights you may never even see in a typical “Stick & Brick” life. I love helping out new RV friends at all the next locations as we go down the road. As one of our first “paid” solar installs, I helped out a couple of friends with solar set-up on their Cougar 5th wheel. I believe these two became changed people and will forever be imprinted with the “Freedom” of a boondocking life.  This has become a passion of mine, and I love to see peoples faces when thay make their first cup of “Solar” coffee!  For awhile we were working and traveling place to place as a CDL driver and a HVAC tech. This was the only down fall to a true fulltiming lifestile. We wanted to travel, not be tied down to one area. This is were the start of our service came in. I wanted to help the “Boondockers” with solar installation, RV equipment repairs and replacement, Etc.  This is something we have been wanting to do for a long time, but only if I could provide good services for a fair price. I’m one of you and plumb dislike so called “RV Service Centers” where you go out with more problems than you came in with. We opened our “Mobile Homesteading” door to anyone who wants a solar “Boondocking”system installed and/or RV repairs done.

Our contact # is (252) 475-8034       Email—

We offer high quality installation of full RV solar power systems, or will help you update or repair one that is not working like you need it to. For RV Solar set-up info you can also go see a guest post I made on my friend Ray’s RV website at

8 Simple Effective Tips for an RV Boondocking Solar Power System

Ray also did a post and put up video a friend and I sent him on installing a system in a 5th wheel. Here is a link to…..

RV Solar Power System Detailed Install Advice and Tips

Here is several happy RVer’s living the “Boondocking Life” after we helped them go Solar!

RVplus2 Installation of Our New Solar Set Up

Love the RV Life! Boondocking Bonanza!


Come visit us on our YouTube Channel at Mobile Homesteading

And as always……………… Happy Trails!!!

Our Solar power electrical room

Our Solar power electrical room


8 thoughts on “Mobile Homestead Solar services

  1. hey eddie, just a quick shout out,, I found your site I talked to you on phone a few minutes ago,, I’m gonna read a lot of your website and try to get my info to u asap.. steve brown


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